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That reminds me, have you removed the blocking function or does it only work in Chrome?

I tried to find a manual for a particular dishwasher today. Holy crap was the search results useless. With the exception of a site which didn't load and one which was a list of people who wanted to know if anybody else had the manual all other results of the three first pages where made for adsense sites or sites designed to harvest email address.

Which would have been one thing, but not one of them had the damn manual (one tried to suggest the manual for a Macbook air!?).

So it seems you still have a long way to go with Panda.

But the reason I ask is that I couldn't figure out how to ban those sites (I was using my iPad at the time).

For me, it works such that you go to a crappy site, navigate backwards to the search results and then a link "- Block all crappysite.com results" appears. It also mentions you need to be "signed in to search".

It would be nice if it also worked when you open a site in a tab too.

You can directly block sites here: http://www.google.com/reviews/t

Which dishwasher manual where you searching for? I'd like to do a comparative study of the various search engines and see what I can get.


My search terms were:

    WQP8 9001 user guide

    WQP8 9001 manual

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