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Ask HN: What Makes HN Addictive?
4 points by ramshorst 45 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

It’s a niche lens to view the world through. I am blown away by some of the genius on this site.

I am also amazed at how myopic people in the tech world can be and how detached these opinions are from “normies” of the real world.

And the lack of insight. People in general often think they can apply their expertise in one area directly into another, which often isn’t true.

For me it is inability to load any other website in some of my old button phones which I love. The loading problem on my phones is about missetting https on most of websites (I can not read google, wikipedia, and 99% of internets on my Blackberry).

IMHO the novelty factor of “learning something new” vs most other social media emphasize on empty content.

Inability of other websites

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