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Your scenario sounds sketchy - you typically only need share info in order to transfer money and handle transactions like this once. You do it at the closing which is typically held at a title company's office, and handle it all at once with everyone present, including notaries. Even when done remotely, the title company handles it. While there is certainly much room for improving how real estate transactions work, the closing and the title company is not the place to ad-lib some new solution.

In general, that carries to other types of secure transactions as well - we have systems in place that handle the trust concerns. Use them, don't re-invent the wheel.

in the usa theres earnest money which is not insignificant up to $20k . the process is expected but the number of parties involved and the lax security (questionable domains , certs, signatures) , along with the speed of the transactions make me wary . parties are not well affiliated because there are multiple agents , escrow, assistants etc so no one has ever met

wat. domains and certs have nothing to do with handing your agent an earnest money check. (Which is typically a few thousand, not 20.) The multiple parties involved all work through contracts and a formal closing process.

If you are trying to argue that we don't have the right processes in place online, everyone is agreeing with you. Just work with licensed agents and brokers, using existing processes, and you are fine.

But you seem to be pushing for a dialogue where we say that the tried and true offline processes have lost trust just because we have not successfully replaced them online. We have not gone backwards in that way. We haven't gone forwards to something new either, but the status quo still works just like it always has.

It still sounds to me like you are working with some sketchy people, based on what you are describing to us all. Your described experience is not the norm.

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