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Mullvad audit found no information leakage or logging of customer data (mullvad.net)
31 points by mig39 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Too bad their DOH servers aren't anycast anymore and route your traffic through Singapore. They did have a nice adblock/non-adblock DOH and DOT service.

Could you explain why this is important?

Is anyone aware of a listing of VPN companies who have similar audits?

Ok, I may trust the VPN, but can I trust the binary app?

Is not using the app possible?

You can use plain OpenVPN or WireGuard clients.

You can use your own app that you compile from source. Wireguard and OpenVPN supported, I think.

This page has their source code:


You can also find configurations for using other Wireguard or OpenVPN apps (scroll down):


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