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Greenwashed: Electric Pickup Trucks Are Dirtier Than You Think (thedrive.com)
7 points by CharlesW 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

This article seems like a real stretch. For their first example picked the absolute lightest ICE car (3000 pounds) and the heaviest electric car (an electric hummer). The Ford F-150 electric looks only about 33% heavier than the ICE version, and comparison like that seem more sense.

Even then the article finds in these (stretched) cases you need to drive around 50,000 miles for it to break even. But even that - it doesn't seem like too much to me? Trucks usually are bought on the assumption they will be driven to very high mile counts.

Using guesstimates, because data isn't available. Good to ask the questions but to imply they have the answer is I think, a bit strong. As are the graphics which drive (sorry) a long way down their argument which they repeatedly have to say is based on guesses, because data isn't available

Is it a concern? Yes. Is it actually fairly specifically about trucks and weight? Yes: they are quite explicit this is about trucks, and weight, and they impute a huge amount of the carbon burden to the weight.

If we want to fix/track this, we need mandatory reporting. Not guesses.

Right to repair is super important for this very reason... Keeping an existing diesel vehicle running is FAR better for the environment then the damage caused by researching, certifying, mining, smelting, forging parts, and everything else that goes into a new vehicle.

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