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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (November 2011)
79 points by whoishiring on Nov 1, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 81 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location and whether remote work is a possibility.

SEEKING FREELANCER - SF, CA / Remote Possible but likely it will have to be in the US at this point. We pay competitive market consulting rates.

A Different Engine is looking to expand our contractor portfolio.


A Different Engine is an interactive agency which builds advanced media applications for our clients. We've been focused on TV applications on Connected TV's (Yahoo Widgets, Samsung SmartHub) and Over the Top Boxes (Roku/Boxee/GoogleTV) but have been moving to doing more mobile work (particularly on tablets) and some traditional web (most of our web work is for web services which power out TV and tablet apps instead of consumer facing web apps). This is a bespoke design and development business. We've worked with CBS/NBC/Comcast/The UFC and others.

WHAT WE NEED We currently have a few inbound projects which may exceed our current capacity so we're looking for a few contract folks to help bridge the gap. We tend to prefer local folks (SF, NY and we have some folks in Cleveland) though we will go remote for the right fit.

PRIMARY TECHNOLOGIES Our two most pressing needs are for frontend Javascript folks and Android Folks. On the JS side we do full Rich Internet Apps on TVs our main libraries are Jquery and Backbone. On the Android side we actually have a few inbound tablet projects and may have some work on the new GoogleTV platform (V2).

When we do backend work we like Rails, we've played with Node/Redis/MongoDB - we think this may be a good stack for some projects, and we sometimes have to deliver apps in PHP. We're really technology agnostic. Because we do bespoke, project based development we can't afford to be tied too much to specific technologies. We use the best tool for the job when we can, and sometimes we use the technology we're told to use. Thats the nature of our business.

You can reach me at mike AT a different engine DOT com with questions or even just to chat ;-)


We have a position open in our small software/web services company. Combo work from home/come in to office (Roma Norte/Condesa area). We're expanding our web services and want someone keen to learn: we're flexible with what tools you choose to use but you should have a decent grounding in Javascript/CSS/PHP(or similar)/MySQL. Good english is important. We really love our industry and are the current leading service provider in our field, working with top clients internationally. Email us at hire.me.mex@gmail.com for info.


I'm a bit of unicorn: a designer and a developer[0].

I practice responsive front-end design and implementation and enjoy using Sass, Coffeescript, and Mustache. I have a graduate design degree in architecture.

I have over four years Ruby on Rails experience; I enjoy Sinatra and have developed my own miniature Ruby web application library[1]. I have an undergraduate degree in physics.

[0]: http://kimble.co/web [1]: https://github.com/tedkimble/bruter

Email in profile

SEEKING FREELANCE - Remote / Cleveland, Ohio

Budget is not established but is flexible. Expected initial duration is 3-4 weeks. Engagement will be limited after that, but potential for limited long-term help is there.



We have already done a lot of experimenting/testing with Drupal, but need someone with D7 experience to make sure we're doing things the right way.


A Drupal consultant to help us customize a Drupal installation profile to be used to power upwards of 50 individual Drupal sites.

We need to work together to define our needs and translate them into a Drupal system. In addition to creating a customized base Drupal installation, you will help us create a clear process for systems administration. Experience with Drush is critical.

In addition to programming, configuration, and other technical tasks, we really need you to to help us better understand Drupal best-practices and educate us on a few areaas. We will be creating a system that will empower close to 100 web content contributors, but will be maintained/adminted by a relatively small (and already very busy!) staff. We need to get things right from the onset to offset wasted time fixing things at scale.

Contact: scott.sharp@case.edu

Please do not reply if you do not have experience with Drupal 7 (multisite installs), Drush, or do not wish to have very active communications during the project.

SEEKING WORK: Mumbai, Relocate? Yes, Remote? Yes

I quit my job in Apr-2010, in the Middle East to work full time on my compiler(s) for Market Research Survey and Data Processing. The compiler is open source and hosted here:



The compiler is written in C++, Yacc.

I developed the ERP system for the company I worked in Dubai (TNS MEA) - Asp.Net/C#/SQL Server. Comfortable with Postgres.

I should be able to program in any language that you ask me to, although I will need a little time to get warmed up (have been reading up on Lisp, Python and Ruby).


Live demo of a survey: (click "en" for English instructions)

Project website: http://qscript.in

Why? :

I pitched to a few companies in India, but they are not interested in getting into the products space.

Unfortunately, I have run out of time (I am 33), and have decided to freeze the project for now and get a job as I have to pay my investors back.

The negative Karma on my username, is because of a "smart" comment I made, when Wufoo was bought out by SurveyMonkey (I was just happy and overjoyed, that a company in the MR related field made it).

Contact: nxd_in@yahoo.com

SEEKING WORK - Argentina

My name is Victor, a 28 year old developer living in Argentina.




* JavaScript

* HTML 4 and 5

* C#

* Unix administration

Secondary skills:

* Java

* DirectX and OpenGL


I've been programming LAMP based sites for about 9 years and I'm currently working for a very large mobile games developer for 4 years now.

My work in there consists mostly of the following:

* Integrating customer billing for mobile sites, both North American and South American (closed carrier APIs and gateways such as Paypal and Amazon Payments)

* On-call support outside office hours (in which I solve issues with firewalls, programming mistakes made by developers, etc)

* Shop development and design. Basically, these are websites that display content and allow purchases with the aforementioned billing methods.I also focus on improving our custom, in-house developed framework that drives most of the websites.

Previous endeavors include:

* PHP programming and Unix administration at a large South American portal (from 2002 to 2005). It proved to be immensely informative, since we had to deal with a site that gathered several hundred thousands pageviews per day.

* PHP programming and database administration at a credit-report company (from 2005 to 2007). This also proved to be quite helpful, as I had to deal with an ill-maintained IBM Informix database, with poor normalization along with hundreds of millions of rows.

You can contact me at ar_freelancer AT yahoo.com

Thanks for the opportunity!

Buena suerte en tu búsqueda, Víctor!

Seeking work - remote or in person: Los Angeles, CA

Senior technologist, MBA, with specializations in automated business systems, Drupal sites with eCommerce & RESTful APIs, 3D animation production systems (8 high profile video games, 6 VFX heavy major release feature films, plus 24 other entertainment software products.) I mostly code in PHP, C/C++, & JavaScript; but I know and have professionally worked in Perl, MS Office VBA, assembly, BASH, and LISP. I create automated businesses, and automated existing business operations, with an emphasis on media production. I am also somewhat good at AI, having written AIs for several video games, and automated systems. I create and lead highly efficient teams, I mentor well, teach classes, as well as create entire operations solo. I was an Operating System developer for the original PlayStation. Whatever you're doing, I can make it better, and your work environment better too. I can be reached at www.BlakeSenftner.com.

SEEKING WORK -- Remote (located in southern California)

2 years experience with the Php/MySQL/HTML/CSS/JavaScript stack, using a range of frameworks (Kohana, jQuery, Dojo, Blueprint) to build complex object oriented software on the web (lead management and delivery, cms, etc)

1 year experience with iPhone/iOS stack. Check out "Follow my Money" for an example of a simple app I've made.

Looking for steady work (wife and 2 kids)

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/joe-cortopassi/24/76b/5b9

iPhone App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/follow-my-money/id471808412?l...

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/JoeCortopassi

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Cortopasta

Example Website I've done: www.temeculaprep.com

Rate:$75 an hour. Willing to go as low as $50 for W2 and benefits

CONTACT: joe(at)joecortopassi[dot]com


Freelance Artist/Illustrator residing in San Francisco Bay Area. I can work remotely.

I'm a graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.

I can do:

* Mascots for your products

* Game Art (backgrounds, environment, items)

* Character Design/Development

* Flyers

Here's my portfolio site: http://www.taxidermyrobot.com

I am open to: Part Time, Freelance

Email me if you're interested in my work.

SEEKING WORK (NYC or remote) I am passionate about Android and Java development. I have worked on several large applications and smaller ones as well. Please take a look at my work here: http://www.bricolsoftconsulting.com/category/portfolio/

SEEKING FREELANCER Remote or Portland, Oregon.

http://keminglabs.com does interactive data visualization on the web via SVG + JavaScript. We use a lot of D3.js; formerly via CoffeeScript, now moving to ClojureScript. Backend tends to be Ruby or Clojure.

We have a variety of upcoming projects that we could work with a freelancer on; web/iPad reporting tools in the healthcare domain, scientific publishing widgets, and a Google Calendar meets Command and Conquer application for the US military.

We do fixed-bid work with our clients, and we'll expect the same from you. Talking talk tech arcana over beer is fun, but ultimately you're a professional that can delivers more results than code; you pick your tools, work enviornment, &c.

Contact me:

  email: kevin@keminglabs.com
  Github: lynaghk

SEEKING FREELANCER - Mountain View, CA / Remote

Fitocracy is seeking an iOS freelancer to help build our iPhone app.


Fitocracy is a fitness social network that turns working out into a more addictive, social experience. We take all the addictive qualities of games like Everquest and World of Warcraft and use them to motivate users to exercise more. Fitocracy users earn XP, level up, unlock achievements, and beat quests, all by tracking their workouts. Our vision is to turn fitness into the most addictive, social experience possible.

We've bootstrapped our way to over 110,000 users in 8 months. We're projected to surpass 200k users by the end of 2011/early 2012. Our users spent over 5.3 million minutes on site last month.

We are part of Dave McClure's 500 Startups and just raised an angel round so we're ready to add some fuel to the fire.


We've been skyrocketing in popularity because we've hit on a pretty powerful idea: getting out of shape geeks fit by offering them something they already know - video game thinking. We've been featured on XKCD (http://xkcd.com/940/), Penny Arcade (http://penny-arcade.com/comic/2011/10/28), and CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/14/health/video-gamers-bodybuilde...).

Our team is small and nimble - decisions are made quickly and we stay incredibly well connected to our community. You'll have a huge impact on a lot of users from the first day our mobile app is released.


We're looking for an iOS developer who can take full ownership of building our iPhone app. You'll be working closely with the team to ensure the app jives with the rest of the Fitocracy product, collect user feedback, and iterate as necessary.

You should have experience shipping awesome iOS apps that actually get used. You should have an obsession with providing an awesome user experience. You ideally work well with teams and communicate quickly and constantly.


We're offering highly competitive rates for this project. There's also the good chance we'll hire you full time if you kick ass and work well with the team.




Technologies --- Node.js, Python, Scala

Links --- GitHub - https://github.com/Srirangan Blog - http://srirangan.net About - http://srirangan.net/about Twitter - http://twitter.com/srirangan LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/srirangan

Showcase --- Review19 - Next generation, real time story board for your projects - http://www.review19.com

Location --- New Delhi, India

Will work remotely? --- Yes

SEEKING WORK - Cape Town, South Africa, remote and travel as required. Enterprise Product Manager with experience in managing teams, and full product lifecycle development. Primary stack is Windows, ASP.NET, and major commercial software platform for the last 8 years has been SharePoint (2003 - 2010). Experience includes working as SharePoint Product Manager for Microsoft Consulting Services (Reading, UK), and working with 100+ local, and regional government, parastatal, and private enterprise-sized organisations. Looking to develop as a private freelancer with the view to establishing small ISV. contact: brettvallis [at] hotmail [dot] com


Mostly Python, Javascript. I’m looking for small to medium-sized projects. Just starting out, but I’ve already put up some code online: https://launchpad.net/pylandro-collections-range https://launchpad.net/awkwardduet

I’ve used Python and JS professionally to solve various real-world problems and I can manage substantial complexity. I’m working on improving my online portfolio, but in the meantime I’m interested in really any kind of paid work.

For any offers or inquiries contact me at: hn@deno.pl .

SEEKING WORK. Belgium. Remote, but have no problem travelling for certain things.

Mobile development; native iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java) development. Past experience also includes C/C++ and desktop development (Windows & Mac).

Specialities: Low level programming in C/C++, multi platform software (desktop, mobile), porting of libraries, 2D/3D renderers, back end systems.

Portfolio work is up at http://pandaris.com. I'm also working on two other personal iOS projects (one is finished and ready for release), so get in touch if you want to hear more. :)

Market rate contract work only; email and skype are on my profile.

SEEKING WORK - Remote (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Python, GAE. Relatively new to these, though I did a few small things already, including one for HN [1].

Have prior experience with C# and embedded (C, asm for MCUs); also have some knowledge of maths and physics.

You can reach me at egor.ryabkov(at)gmail.com

GitHub page: https://github.com/egor83

Some more details, CV, more links:



[1] My HN tool - poll visualizer:


SEEKING WORK - Remote (Harrisburg PA)

Ruby on Rails, iOS/Mac app development, Python (Turbogears, Django), C++

I've been using Ruby on Rails for the last 3 years, on a variety of projects (some 7 engineer, 18 month projects, some minimum viable products for startups). Been programming Cocoa for the last 8 years, likewise with Python. 5 years C++ experience.

I'm a big fan of quality work, communication with clients, and developing things in an agile manner (behavior driven development, tests, collaboration over contracts).

Check out my github: http://www.github.com/rwilcox


Python, Tornado, Django, Google App Engine, Javascript (jQuery, learning Backbone.js), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux and VPS (Linode), MongoDB, RabbitMQ (Celery and pika), Twitter API.

My Github repos: https://github.com/ccarpenterg

Some work in Python:



Blog: http://ccarpenterg.posterous.com/

Contact: ccarpenterg@gmail.com (My name is Cristian)

SEEKING WORK -- Freelance/Remote/Travel/Local

PhD in Information Retrieval graduate (9/2011, UK), 3yrs industry experience (IBM lab, and HP Consulting division)

Programming Languages: Java, C#, Python, Ruby, R, Perl, C

Research IR: Search Engines(MG4J, Lemur, Terrier), Evaluation procedures (TREC-style)

Research NLP: Semantic Vector Space models (LSA, HAL, COALS, PMI)

General Proficiency: Large scale text and document processing techniques (stop-wording, stemming, indexing, nosql (tokyo, kyoto cabinet))

Happy to answer any questions for more specific details and provide my CV and references on request.



Front end designer and developer - photoshop, html(5) and css(3), love javascript and responsive fast ajax applications.

Backend developer, fluent with node.js, mongodb, plus still familiar with LAMP from days long past. Also have done some work with AWS.

http://templaedhel.com for some work. If you're curious about seeing more, or hearing references, they exist. templaedhel at gmail dot com. I also hang out on #startups on freenode if you want to chat. Or gchat.

SEEKING WORK (Remote). Location: Porto, Portugal, EU

Backend Python/Frontend Javascript Developer

- Python: Django, Tipfy, Google App Engine [, virtualenv, pip]

- Javascript: Dojo Toolkit (including Dijits), JQuery, Node.js

- Java: Struts, Hibernate, Jboss Seam, Groovy/Grails, Solr; (many beers ago)

- *NIX shell and sysadmin skills

- Source control svn, git, mercurial

- Databases: MySQL, Postgres

- General: Good learner, passionate about the work, experience remote with multi-cultural/timezone/skilled teams

- Hang around on IRC ;-)

References on http://pt.linkedin.com/in/josemoreira

SEEKING WORK - Nottingham/UK

Perl programmer, web developer, Linux sysadmin, email administrator. List of stuff that I have done and can do: https://grepular.com/me

Business site : http://cardwellit.com/ Technical blog : https://grepular.com/ Github : https://github.com/mikecardwell


I'm a UI/UX designer looking to work with startups and smaller companies. My expertise lies in: Photoshop (visual design), HTML(5), CSS(3), and jQuery. I also have a fair bit of experience with Wordpress. I've recently gone full-time so I'm looking to book up my schedule for the next couple of months (reasonable rates always and flexible with smaller teams/projects).

Check out my work and get in touch: http://www.ryanglover.net


Languages & Technologies: Ruby & Rails, Node.js, some Python/Django

Other stuff: git, Rspec, Cucumber, SASS, HAML, CoffeeScript, MongoDB, jQuery, some linux administration.

http://goshakkk.name/ or directly via email me@goshakkk.name

I would like to work on great & interesting projects, if I can amaze me with your idea, I can do your project for free. (Inner desire to work on something cool, combined with need to fill up my portfolio)


WHO ARE WE: Accompl.sh is the online community to achieve your yearly goals.

WHAT WE NEED: Developers with experience with API integrations, data analytics, mobile web apps (bonus points for iOS).

Designers - particularly graphic designers / illustrators. Also looking for interface designers.

TECH: PHP, mysql, github, the usual suspects.

DETAILS (and other positions): http://bit.ly/accomplshjobs CONTACT: jobs+hn@accompl.sh


Location: London, UK Skillsets: Software Engineer, Client Side Developer, iOS Developer

Who we are: Six Two are a London based API, web and mobile web development company specializing in building applications in the music/culture/entertainment space. We have a multitude of clients and 3 main products of our own that require more staffing.

More info: http://www.sixtwoproductions.co.uk/jobs

SEEKING WORK: UK, Derby. Remote, travel or local OK.

Microsoft stack developer - .Net, (C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Winforms), MSSQL (v7-2008R2), VB6, ASP3. HTML, CSS and JavaScript too, SAS as well if that's your thing. Back end, front end, large or small, 11 years in industry now.

(Less Hacker related but I'm as at home with a camera if you're after a photographer.)

One day I'll set up a portfolio site - until then, contactable at gp dot webb at ntlworld dot com.


I'm a full-stack coder, my strengths are Python/Django, jQuery, iOS.

I would love opportunities in Android, MongoDB. I have experience with RabbitMQ, Celery, nginx, memcached. I've done plenty of PHP and Actionscript as well.

I always look forward to this thread, it has been the source for some of my best clients. Contact me at:

http://brooklynsoftworks.com - matt@brooklynsoftworks.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote/Freelance

Python/Django/jQuery, with extensive experience building e-commerce marketplaces. I have a research background, data analysis, playing around with NLP right now.

I run a django dev shop, currently taking gigs. Here's my portfolio:

* http://www.sidmitra.com/portfolio.html

* http://www.cloudshuffle.com/


PHP/JavaScript/HTML/CSS developer. I'm based in the UK, and happy with local or remote work.

I've over 5 years experience in PHP, and have used many frameworks, including CodeIgniter, CakePHP and Zend.

I've also got a lot of experience with CMSs including Wordpress and Expression Engine.

My email address is on my profile.




Long term contract work. $29/hr. 90 hour 2 week cap. Paypal/Venmo.

Support a family of CPAP websites including CPAP.com, CPAPtalk.com and CPAPDropShip.com.

PHP/MySQL/jQuery/RabbitMQ/Asterisk. GM is a coder and manages the team.

Two HNers currently contract remotely with us and we are looking to add a third. I'm happy to put you in touch with them to get a feel for our company and the work ahead of starting.

Contact: johnny@cpap.com

SEEKING WORK – Remote only (unless you're in Moscow...)


Full-stack web developer: UI design, frontend (JS, Backbone, jQuery, LESS, HTML) and backend (PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo, WordPress) development. So far this has served me well for building complete web apps and MVPs.

I also do native iOS app dev but don't have anything to show for it yet (coming soon).

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Cleveland, USA based)

Experienced Webapp dev: Java, Wicket, Lucene/SOLR, Hibernate, Google App Engine, etc.

I built http://appgravity.com, a search engine for Android Apps that currently gets ~65K pageviews/day.

Other work samples & contact info available at http://armhold.com/portfolio.

SEEKING WORK. I'm based in the Denmark, remote/travel is OK, will relocate for the right project.

Web Developer: Ruby on Rails, Rspec, Cucumber, CSS/SASS, HTML/HAML, MongoDB, Javascript, Coffeescript, Backbone, Jasmine, jQuery, Git, and a little bit of Unix.

Portfolio: http://pdelgallego.com (work in progress)

Email: $irb> "%s.%s@gmail.com" % %w(pedro delgallego)

rate: ~$45/hour

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco/Bay Area - Graphic Designer

This post is for Puja Bakshi (amazing designer), 9yrs experience. Needs H1-B Visa.

Portfolio/Website here: http://pujabakshi.com/

Full Resume located here: http://pujabakshi.com/contact/PujaBakshiResume.pdf

Contact Info located on her website

SEEKING WORK - Japan, Kobe. Remote, travel or local ok.

I'm a doing some freelancing while bootstrapping ShiningPanda (https://www.shiningpanda.com). My expertise lies in: Python (Django, RabbitMQ/Celery, etc.) and Continuous Integration with Jenkins. I've also done my fair share of HTML / CSS / JQuery and GWT.

Email in profile

SEEKING WORK - Remote (UK based)

Front end/PHP developer. HTML5, CSS/SASS, JS etc etc. I've worked on some pretty large sites. making many $$$ - even some in Perl. Also, iOS/Android development using Titanium (i.e. NOT ObjC - though I do dabble).

Happy with git (though I'm a hg user myself) and fluent with Photoshop.

URL's etc can be supplied on request.

Will relocate for the right project, but do prefer remote.

SEEKING WORK We're a offering consulting/contract work around Nokia's Qt framework. We're also interested in doing more general work in the world of open source, desktop, mobile.

If you're interested contact us via http://woboq.com/ We're based in Berlin but look for remote work everywhere.

SEEKING WORK - Melbourne AUS or Remote (will travel for short periods)

Android app developer - dedicated to great end user experience, app performance and code quality.

Previous 6+ years experiences in .NET stack (C# ASP.NET, MVC, Silverlight, Winforms)

web: http://www.themodernink.com twitter : @themodernink


javascript expert

github profile: http://www.ozkeebo.com/github





  rate: 50/h
  remote only

SEEKING FREELANCER - Los Angeles - http://www.leads360.com

OpenVBX Developer | Short-term, remote-friendly, US citizen only


Seeking Work - Remote or in Taiwan

Technical writer, copy-writer, editor, content developer, academic writing, etc... available for jobs big and small. Have written content for the following websites: editing.tw, www.novaismed.com. Portfolio, samples, and references available upon request. blckswn49@gmail.com


Location: San Francisco, CA or Remote

Skillset: iOS Developer

I'm looking for an expert iOS developer to help our startup, BeCouply, go a little faster on the iPhone app. We've got a fun concept, we're funded by Mitch Kapor et al, and we're about to get some great exposure on a major news channel.

Reach out to me at pius@alum.mit.edu.

SEEKING WORK - Washington DC; remote work is fine

I am a web developer with significant experience with Python/Django, Linux system administration, and HTML5/CSS3/JQuery. I understand both Git and Mercurial, and validate my code with both pep8 and the W3's HTML validator.

Contact me at hn-2011-11@marteydodoo.com

SEEKING WORK - Portland/Remote

I do web development with Python (Django and Flask), PHP, ColdFusion (and CFWheels), SQL, JavaScript (and jQuery), HTML, CSS, some Flex and AS3, etc.

I'm open to part-time, full-time, and freelance.


email: riley at rileywatkins dot com


UI+UX Designer for Mob (Android and iOS), Web. Also like building what I design in CSS, HTML, JS.

Some work at http://bit.ly/edlea-info and http://www.edlea.com

wltm SF based startups.


Vita Coco - NYC

Looking for a generalist developer to run some projects internally, would need to be based in the NYC area. Half on site work, half remote.

Think PHP/MYSQL backend work, HTML/CSS/JS frontend work, social APIs (Facebook, Twilio, Mailchimp), Phonegap iPad apps, etc.

Email me: bolney@vitacoco.com

I'd recommend sending me a message before someone considers taking this on.

That good, huh?


I'm surprised my post got downvoted when I'm trying to prevent HN Freelancers from investing a significant portion of their time to be left out to dry, as I've done with this client.

Yes. But what if the problem was actually with you. Why email you in the first place? Just tell us your story in few short lines, and everyone will judge from his perspective. The other party can have the ability to reply, too.

I've done a fair bit of development work for vitacoco, and they've not only been great to work with, they've also paid me for the work.

I can honestly recommend working with them.

$$ hope no one has a problem with me mentioning my site


There's some contracting/freelancing jobs on there. I got an email today from soneone who has already found work through the site. It's still a work in progress, but improving all the time. Happy job hunting :)

I'm a big fan of jobstractor. We actually had a success from the other end, somebody found our job posting through the tractor.

Keep up the great work!

What the ... what kind of site is that, actually? One of the "job postings" is a Biblical quote. (http://www.tweetdeck.com/twitter/SHoffman9213/~fRy55)

Seriously, that's just irritating.

Sorry for the irritation, as I say it's a work in progress including filtering some things which shouldn't be in there.

Sure, but my question stands - I honestly don't know what it is I'm looking at. Are you just filtering Twitter feeds for people who might want work done and putting some geographical search information onto the posts? Aside from the fact that I honestly don't know what that Biblical quote is doing there (I looked for likely keywords), it's by no means obvious that this is what you're doing. If you're serious enough about it to post it here to gain some eyeballs, then you should probably also indicate what it is you've done.

If I were to tweet something vaguely job-related, and if somebody then got in touch with me because they thought I'd posted a job on your site, I think I'd be somewhat ... taken aback, I guess.

SEEKING WORK - Perth, Australia, remote ok

$50/hr, list of work and buzzwords at paimoe.com. I'll discuss what you want, then get access to a git repo and get started.

Mainly PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, HTML/CSS, Django/Python (less so). Built both large sites and side projects.

Contact hi @ above domain.


Location: Europe (can travel to your location for limited periods)

Skills: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, Wordpress, Web services, Web scraping

(more details: http://disattention.com/about/ )

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Tokyo)

Interface designer from California. I work with companies around the world on application design, usability, and branding.

HTML5 / CSS3 (Sass, Stylus) / JS / Photoshop / iOS


SEEKING WORK - Remote or in Paris

Core skills: LAMP stack, with MySQL or MongoDB.

5 year experience designing high traffic web applications, doing security audits or system administration.

I'm good at understanding business needs and can lead teams.

Also, I'm certified on PHP5 by Zend.

Seeking Work!

Technologies - TIBCO Product Stack (BusinessWorks,BusinessEvents, RV, EMS, AMX, Activespaces), C, Java

Work level: Senior Dev/Architect

Location : Toronto, Canada

Will work remotely?: Yes (Preferred)

Fulltime/Part-time?: Part-time preferred

Rate: $100 - $120/hr. Depending on role and contract length.


Web developer that is passionate, social, and always learning.

Skilled in the following:

* PHP 5 & PHP 5.3

* Rails 3.0 & 3.1

* jQuery

* NodeJS

* CoffeeScript


* Linux admin

You can view my resume at http://www.adamjleonard.com/resume

SEEKING WORK iOS Developer (San Francisco) Contract work only. No full-time or equity gigs. Portfolio: http://www.bixbyapps.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3184887

SEEKING WORK - Remote/Full Time

Preferred work : LAMP Stack / AJAX Apps.

Can lead a team, work on both frontend & backend development. I don't do designs.

You can find contact info in my profile.

SEEKING WORK: Based in NYC, remote or local

Python hacker: Flask/Django

GitHub: https://github.com/maxcountryman

contact: maxc@me.com

SEEKiNG WORK UK Remote preferred but not required.

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery. A lot of experience with Facebook apps, CMS's and API's.

contact@ [myusername] .com


Looking for a $250-$400 gig. HTML/CSS/JavaScript (jQuery/Backbone) and PHP (WordPress/Fat Free). Email in my profile.

SEEKING WORK. India. Remote Django.Jquery. PHP

Contact in my profile.

Also seems relevant to mention my site to help people track job applications, Job-Buddy.com. All feedback is welcome.

Seeking Work: Mostly Remote (based in the US, will travel to project kickoff / milestone meetings if preferred)

Ruby on Rails Engineer, using Ruby since 2002 and Rails since 2005. Expert in SQL (primarily PostgreSQL and MySQL/RDS.) Strong NoSQL: mostly Cassandra (wrote the cassandra-cql driver), some Mongo and Riak.

Strong "HTML5" expertise having made extensive use HTML5 & XHTML, jQuery, WebSocket, and pure JS.

Expert Unix operational skills using Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD on real and virtualized platforms. Can use nginx or apache as easily as I can use heroku.

Github: https://github.com/kreynolds Blog: http://rubyscale.com/blog/tech_notes/

Experienced working with existing teams. Can offer strategic and tactical guidance, and can also do head-down coding. Comfortable executing large, complex tasks.

One recent client coined the term "man-people" to describe his opinion that despite being one person, I was doing the work of five men.

Prefer fixed-price/fixed-scope contract work, but daily rates are available.

contact: hello@rubyscale.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote/ Pittsburgh, PA

Need a freelancer for http://www.mockuptiger.com

Port to Ipad. Someone with good experience converting html+javascript app to Ipad. Please email nilesh@mockuptiger.com


I'm a designer, but I can't code. I'm looking for someone who can code a template for a popular CMS. I'll do the design, and you can code. I'll provide more guidance if you contact me, with your skillset and experience. If you don't have much experience, don't worry! Just tell me what you're good at.

Estimated time required: a few weeks Estimated cost: a few hundred dollars

Contact: jimduggan -- yahoo.com

Correlating the estimated time required and estimated cost, you are basically paying $100/week. I assume 5 days / week and 5 hours / day. That's $4/hour. Serious?

I wonder how much he charges for design work? Cause if it's $4/hour I've got some stuff he can do.

I don't live in the West, and I don't make as much money as you do. Is that wrong? There are plenty of people using HN that are not reflections of yourself.

I'm also not assuming that this will be worked on full-time. If it was, I wouldn't expect it to take more than about a week.

I don't think where you live matters. I live in country with a Per Capita 15 times lower than the USA but charge something per hour which is related only to my experience and knowledge.

I'll admit I was trying to be funny with that, but honestly if you are any good at what you do I (and probably others) would be interested in your work, and probably wouldn't care where you live.

In that respect even if you don't live in the west, I'm sure anyone you would want to work with you on a project charges more than $4/hr part time or not, regardless of where they live.

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