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Do you have mixed feelings about this? Your mom's part in WMD technology, I mean. And how does she feel about it? This is a serious question.

I genuinely wonder if people who work on this kind of stuff feel conflicted about it regularly, or don't think about it, or feel strongly that they are doing good.

my sister and mother where in WMD, my father was in Oil industry. My only sane options where either compete with them by going to High Speed Trading in African originated goods markets or give up and become a Hippie, I mostly took the later option and live 400km from them.

Sorry for the late response to this. I have had mixed feelings for a while - it gives a good living to the family, but on the other had we all want to work towards the betterment of the world.

For my mom, at first she was very gung ho about it - arsenal of democracy and the importance of having a strong nation. Now she is having second thoughts, and is looking to follow her passion which is something in the education space.

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