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Remember to declare ned_pin volatile. (Sorry to be pedantic, but I was getting physically uncomfortable about the possibility that it might not have been declared volatile.)

You're physically uncomfortable about indefinite 1999-esque partying? Do you have something better to do when !ned_pin?

Of course! When the !NED pin goes low, duck and cover like it's 1959.

(Fun fact: in a fairly large portion of the blast radius of a nuclear bomb, the main danger for people indoors is falling debris and broken glass from the pressure waves. Duck and cover actually works.)

The TED talk on surviving a nuclear blast: http://www.ted.com/talks/irwin_redlener_warns_of_nuclear_ter...

Instructions start at around minute 18.

So hiding in a fridge might actually save you?

Given how close to ground zero in Hiroshima and Nagasaki people actually survived just by virtue of being slightly more shielded than people around them: Yes, it'd probably at least increase your odds.

And it's not like the Indy movies aren't full of situations where his odds of survival would've been ludicrously low.

Hiding in a fridge protects from debris and direct radiative heat from the blast, both major killers. So yes, the Indiana Jones approach could help. A more practical variant, of course, is the time-honored "hide in the basement" approach, which doesn't require you to compete for space with hastily-evicted perishable food and plastic racks.

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