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Did Y Combinator send out the acceptance/ rejection emails yet?
41 points by Claudius021 on Oct 31, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 69 comments
It is 8pm EST and I haven't received anything yet.

Yep. Got rejected here. Trying to make jQuery Mobile web app development easier with drag and drop tools and app management: http://codiqa.com

I've interviewed with a previous startup. Sucks to not make it this time but I'm confident we can help mobile devs solve the same problems we have with mobile web app development.

Just signed up, been looking for something like this that isn't AppMaker or the like.

Let me know if I can alpha/beta test for you...

Off topic here, but I didn't see an e-mail in your profile. I would love to try it out when it's ready.

It's max@codiqa.com


Those accepted for interviews are unlikely to announce it.

Why not? Do they have to sign some confidentiality agreement?

The most likely reason is their desire to keep their acceptance quiet until they're actually prepared for the press that the announcement would receive.

My experience with other startup folks I know is that the accelerator is not designed to be a launchpad for the company's own PR purposes. Show some restraint, built your product, gain some organic and home-grown traction and then at, or near, the conclusion of the accelerator, launch your product (demo day, for example). It is to be about the product/service, not the brand of the accelerator that earns street cred.

Applied with Cilantro and got rejected tonight. Actually felt good this round because we've launched and are starting to get some traction (over 100 sign ups already). http://cilantrosites.com

A little depressed but I'll be over it by tomorrow and deploying code again.

Do you have a co-founder? I love the idea, but I think it could really use some good design work/better templates to get to the next level. Drop me a line if you want to get some dialogue going.

Do you plan to monetize this? (I didn't immediately spot any mention of paid plans, etc.)

Haha I love your guys' name.

CorkboardMe -- also didn't make the cut. But YCombinator isn't the only way build a business, remember that. Good luck everyone!

Find a new way to manage your life: http://corkboard.me

We didn't make it :(


Sorry to hear that. Saw you present at the Twilio conference. I think you've got potential. Keep at it.

Thanks for the encouragement, we are going to keep on going with this project.

Rejection received!

Does anyone know what the protocol is on reapplying with the same idea/company? Is it not worth it? or is it possibly even recommended?

Plenty of folks have applied multiple times before getting accepted.

Sometimes you're "ahead of the market" and they may not yet see the benefit. 6 months from now you are be perfectly positioned.

Other times, they may have simply just missed you in the volume of applications. Or, even in the event that they didn't miss you, sometimes it's still a tough decision. If I'm given the choice between two things I love equally but I can only choose one, that means I have to reject the other even though it is also wonderful.

That's such a nice way to put that, thanks :)

Yea. We got rejected for a location-based social network (nvador) on the last go round. Think foursquare for events/things to do.

It gave me and my partner motivation to work on a new project & prove YC wrong (http://thenstimes.com). Building a platform to make searching news with social media more feasible.

I think they are sending out rejects first.. got mine :) This is what we are building


Funny one week we get featured by Robert Scoble and next week we get rejected by Ycombinator.

If you can make this as amazing as microsoft's photosynth, you'll have a cracking product... All the best.

Got rejected as well! Getting ready to start open beta next week. I am building a platform to make it easy for developers to automate tasks in the cloud and its API for mobile apps. http://iknode.com

Rejected here as well with http://www.publsh.me At least I don't have to by a ticket to the US now hah. Have gained around a 1000 members though since applying so can't really get too hung up.

Are there cases of people who've been rejected w/ an idea and later accepted w/ the same?

Yes (once the idea has progressed more)

Last time most started receiving them between 9 and 10 est.

We did not make it as well...www.geokiwi.com We are in Europe and not incorporated in the US so I presume it is even harder to be selected in that case.

We just got our rejection. We're building what essentially amounts to a dating site for entrepreneurs and investors.

I just got mine... didn't make it :(

Rejection hurts like hell. Anybody know anything about possible feedback on the application?

Anyody have any idea what time did they went out the last few times?

Last round we got our rejection letter at 8:34:47 PM CDT. That's an hour and a half from now.

someone reported 6:41 PST on the chat room

who receive the email? all the co-founders or just the one who applied with his account?

Did they send acceptance emails?

I've heard from at least one person who got an acceptance email so far; I imagine they've got a huge list of both this time.

just got one (or rather, we got a "come in for an interview" email)

Thanks for the answers guys.

Whoo! 3rd time rejected! Getting rejected by YC definitely gets easier with time, and I have found it only motivates me further to keep going and prove them wrong.

Yup, 3rd time here too. This was our first time applying with TwoSides (http://www.twosides.co). No worries though, we should all keep plowin' along.

I think the 2 major things you can take away from being rejected multiple times are A) they really hate your idea, or B) what you're doing isn't "hot" among Silicon Valley investors right now. I have a feeling their choices depend greatly on what they think can get to a Series A funding round. So in either case it really doesn't invalidate what you're doing, and if you can at least get to ramen profitability, then it really doesn't matter what YC or anybody else thinks and you can keep chugging along.

I control+f'd "accept" on this thread. No results except those asking if the emails were received. I'm thinking maybe acceptances haven't been sent yet.

I got rejected, unsurprisingly. Beside the fact that nobody should expect to be rejected, my project is extremely local and would benefit little from actually BEING in Silicon Valley. Still, I'm sad to miss out on hanging out with other startups and learning from the best.

Bummer dude!

Acceptances were sent already :)

This is THE most confusing thing I have come across.

MVP, thrown together over a few hours on a deadline.

Have you tried offering an incentive?

It is not an MVP...it is an invite. I am growing tired of these misinterpretations of what an MVP (formerly known as a prototype) should be. RTFM.

rougefeta, you need a Tech Co-Founder, but do you really think you're going to get a quality TCF this way? If you need a translator to read your "offering" then you are doing it wrong.

1) What are you trying to accomplish? 2) How is this a product? 3) Wow.

rougefeta, your intentions are not aligned with your output/implementation. I wish you the best and hope the comments on this thread have been helpful. You can do it, thank the stars you did not invest a ton of capital yet. Keep us informed of your intentions and progress!

I'll be fully honest.

This thing sounded like such a crazy idea that I was laughing half the time building it. At some point I had even made offered incentives automatically end with ", darling"

On what we are trying to accomplish: the "bloody brilliant" comment in the incentive link offers one explanation. Our explanation is simpler: we wanted to make some people answer our emails, and didn't know how.

Did you get quality? Again, I wish you the best of luck.

@veyron Um yeah, funny how it looks 'right' in the textbox...perhaps you can suggest a fix to HN dev? Too much stripping of the whitespace.

Tellin' me!??! Sherlock!

If you want to reply to a post for which the "reply" link is missing, click on the "link" link and you will see a reply text box :)

Wow, thanks for the great tips. Can you point me to the "HN broken features" list so I can help fix them?

Also, can you keep to the topic? rougefeta needs some help.

You need to put two newlines to show items on separate lines

for example:


shows up as

abc def



shows up as



I cannot figure out why clicking “incentive” seems to be a circular link, and have no idea what you mean by incentive.

Agreed: This is the most confusing thing I have seen in recent memory.

I seem to be having issues accessing this page. Can you post a screenshot / explain what exactly you are doing?

Interesting, this is apparently built off of news.arc

...what is it?

We are trying to figure out a way to make people respond online. Say, through email.

We are not spammers. This is in Arc, but written from scratch.

Interesting idea, I think you need two things though:

1) Better copy. I (and others here I'd imagine) have no idea what exactly your site is. A short blurb that's a couple of sentences long that explains what is helps greatly.

2) Post this as its own post instead of a comment in another post. This way it looks a little spammy (which I understand is not your intention). Make sure you mention how it's built in Arc in your title, and post a story on http://arclanguage.org as well (if you haven't already). Beware that new accounts posting links often get marked as spam, that's why pg recommends you have an account for a few weeks before doing a Show HN post, which would be the type of post you'd do in your case.

Good luck!

The incentive to respond is the content of the email (or the identify of the sender). If I want to "offer" the receiver of the email an added incentive to respond I can say so in the email. "Respond to this email and I will give you $1000."

Sometimes, the incentive cannot be monetary, because the recipient is not interested in money. What the recipient may be interested in is an indication whether it is worth investing in a reply.

We had changed "pays" to "helps" at an earlier stage.

Reading that hurts my head lol

What is this? Spam?

It takes talent to write something this confusing. Don't want to see the code they write

Care to elaborate? We would welcome feedback.

the english in the text displayed is not very clear. it might make logical sense, but it reads as confused english. i would guess that you are not native english speakers - you need to get someone who does speak english well to fix it for you.

Aside from the text at each step being badly written, users have no idea wtf is happening overall or where they are in the process.

What you need to do is present up front the overall flow (ideally graphically; like 5 steps to completion at the bottom of the page and indicate which have been completed/what is being done now/what is in the future. Do this with graphics and very minimal (1-3 words) text. Writing 3 words to communicate something takes longer than writing 30.

I got pissed when I filled in something, clicked submit, and then the next page was "why?" before it would accept; at that point I bounced.

I'm not sure if arc makes this easier than something else.

your english is slightly off

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