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> Wine experts don't judge the quality of the wine but the quality of what the wine is supposed to taste like based on it's appellation controléé

If that's really true, why do they bother tasting the actual wine?

Because the appellation controléé determines the quality of the wine.

Absolutely not. The appellation d'origine contrôlée is not an indicator of quality, but a sort of family (both in taste and location of production, and named after the regional location, because it has a critical influence on flavor) which gets assessed by professionals so you can identify wines without actually opening the bottle. If I'm at the store and I see a Haut-Médoc, I have some high probability of liking it more compared to a Médoc, because I like tannic wines, and Haut-Médoc show more of a bias towards tannin. That does not mean that one is of higher standard (and there are some Haut-Médoc which actually taste like crap).

What might create a link with quality is that some flavors are quite strong and can take time to get used to, combined with subtle tones, and may require some technique to appreciate. You start with very raw, basic wines, then you grow up an ability to appreciate the more subtle ones, like you would go from appreciating child paintings and grow on to like Matisse.

Then there is each one's unique taste: there are some very tasteful Sauterne wines, but I absolutely loathe sweet wines, so I can't for the life of me come anywhere near drinking them.

I didnt mean it the way you interpreted it. Sorry if I was unclear

Well, actually it determines that it comes precisely from where it's supposed to. There are more to this, like the late 19th century classification of Bordeaux' wines through the "crus classés" system: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bordeaux_Wine_Official_Classifi...

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