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I don't think that all expectations are equal. It's possible that I'm in the minority, but I try to be mindful of my expectations and control for them.

When my brain is trying to anticipate what will be the best experience for dinner on Friday night I am aware of a mixture of expectations for each option I consider.

Some of the expectations are rational: The semi-expensive restaurant I like is extremely consistent in quality and I know that the food will be cooked with precision using expensive tools and modern techniques, resulting in a higher quality entree (and better experience).

At the same time, some of my expectations about the restaurant are irrational. For example, I can identify feelings that they food quality will be much better than at similarly rated restaurants that I have not visited. Having visited the restaurant several times I'm now afflicted by mere exposure effect, among other cognitive biases.

I don't think of myself as being a super-rational machine, but I know that just following my intuition alone when it comes to expectations is not going to yield the best future experiences.

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