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« In 2001, Frederic Brochet conducted two experiments at the University of Bordeaux. » I'm searching for sources. This is fud without sources.

FUD about what? What those experiments show is that by deviously setting up certain expectations, you can manipulate people into being deceived by their senses. Even if they are experts in the use of their senses.

The experiments do not show that there is no difference between wines; let alone no difference between red and white wines.

« Not Found The requested document was not found on this server. »

That's why you get the title in the Wikipedia link and search for that text. It comes back in the first hit.

First of all, FUD is meaningless. Which is more plausible: the author wanted to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt, Or that you used a tired cliche from the 90's Microsoft wars?

Second, there is this thing called Google you know. I found the reference in the first bloody page of results with the researchers name as the query string:


This shouln't be the work of reader, in my opinion. That's all, thanks for the link.

Don't use "FUD" as a synonym for "I'm too lazy." I suppose the author shouldn't use any words you don't understand either?

Highlight the author's names, right click, select "Search with Google", pick any of a number of hits. The second hit for me is the referenced PhD work.

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