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Addictive and sticky HTML5 experiment (spielzeugz.de)
255 points by Nic0 2185 days ago | hide | past | web | 32 comments | favorite

They also have a Flash version - http://spielzeugz.de/lab/sticky-thing/flash/

While there is no way to run Flash on iOS devices, accelerometer works only with iOS.

I belive that's what Steve was talking about in his Thought on Flash where he concludes:

"Flash was created during the PC era – for PCs and mice. Flash is a successful business for Adobe, and we can understand why they want to push it beyond PCs. But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards – all areas where Flash falls short."

Kudos to html5 and guys creating this experiment. It's awesome!

That's silly, had Steve Jobs wanted Flash to work on iOS it would work fine on iOS. Of course it doesn't work.

Power consumption in HTML5 is still higher than equivalent Flash, touch is a non-issue but standards is where HTML5 shines. I believe many times technologists focus too much on the platform rather than delivering a product. There's still a place for Flash and HTML5 is getting better (but is hindered by fragmented browser support).


Does Flash work fine on other mobile devices? Every report I've heard indicates that it performs badly (to the point that watching video doesn't really work) and uses a great deal of power, although my sources certainly could be biased.

I have a TouchPad, Droid X, and CR48 and Flash seems to work great on all of them - Flash outperforms HTML5 at least for this example. One major issue is the sheer content of Flash advertisements which will drain your battery if you don't set the "touch to enable" option. Obviously this isn't an issue with the technology though and would (will) happen to HTML5.

The good thing is HTML5 performance will continue to improve across browsers. The bad news is that devs will still need to tediously test across every browser and mobile device.

Thanks for the info, seems that my info is probably out of date.

Your comment about Flash ads makes me wonder what's going to happen when sites start delivering rich (and battery-hungry) ads with HTML5. Flash at least has a convenient bottleneck where you can disable it on a case by case basis and not lose functionality.

Microsoft made the same statements about Flash for IE10 on tablets with Metro UI.


Would they have not made this statement if it were not for Apple?

>I believe many times technologists focus too much on the platform than delivering a product.

Well, that's for one of two reasons. First, platforms are more technically interesting than products. A product just does one thing. A platform can do many things, and it's the adaptability and extensibility of a platform that makes it more interesting than a product.

Secondly, often technologists aren't so concerned about the individual product as they are the about the market for products. A platform with standardized interfaces and specifications will have a more robust market of products running on it than a platform with proprietary interfaces and specifications.

Really? I thought Adobe had some say into how well Flash works. I was under the impression if Adobe could have gotten together some code that actually worked well it could have had possibly had a chance. It appears I should have been blaming Steve Jobs for not fixing another company's crippled technology.

Flash's crashing 3 times for me this morning, across two computers, shows Adobe's commitment to excellence.

Well I do agree, Adobe totally dropped the ball. However, it seems to be stable for me across several windows machines, linux, touchpad, and even Android. Now that it's "more" stable, iOS users don't have a choice to install it. Why?

Flash runs really badly on my Macs and I don't really see why it would be any better on iOS.

Flash version has much better performance.

Hopefully it's Saturday. I've played with this for too long before coming back to comment.

It actually took me a good minute to realize it made use of the accelerometer.

no denying. its addictive alright.

Pinch to resize it, too. This is amazing. It's working flawlessly in mobile Safari (iOS 5). Well done.

On Mobile Safari it actually works with the accelerometer! You can toss it around by shaking your device

Works well on my iOS 4 iPas too.thanks for the risizing tip! It's awesome.

Really cool experiment. I'd love to see a breakdown and explanation of the code. It would be interesting to hear how you went about creating this. Thanks.

This officially entertained my 3 year old. I just put the browser on full screen and she had a blast. :)

I think it's ideal to learn my 14 month old boy the concept of the mouse/screen.

If all you see is a blank page, enable cookies and reload.

Came here to say how nice it is that I can click through a link (for once) and not have it go blank thanks to IE9. It's a rare occurance, but nice change to be sure.

I'm surprised at how well it worked on my first gen iPad!

Buy the real sticky thingy, then you can even eat it.

this is excellent! care to share code?

Wow, that's very impressive.


This requires JS; could you amend the title to note that?

I think people assume fun HTML5 HN links are probably going to use Javascript

This document is not only broken but completely blank without trusting some random author's javascript—no content whatsoever, not even a warning that they neglected progressive enhancement. It's not a HTML experiment at all.

EDIT: oh, there is a warning, but it's only rendered if canvas is not implemented, and merely links to the not-quite-blank version which requires trusting their actionscript instead. It also blames the browser for the quality of their authoring.

If you don't trust "random authors' javascript/actionscript" you should not be browsing the internet.

The Internet is larger than your JS and AS and doesn't require people to browse with scripting and Flash enabled. Try browsing HN with JS disabled sometime; it works fine.

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