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This would be very difficult in biology. Any single experiment isn't evidence of much, and once I do get a notion that I am on to something, if I slap that up on the web, I'll probably get beaten to the punch by someone that has more resources and/or is better positioned. It would also be tough to argue that my early experiment was critical or even necessary to get there. So I would do a lot of work, and gift it to someone else. Of course, I know that this is the point, but it's problem enough that grants are basically over-hyped sales pitches. Good science is methodical and rigorous. Until funding is less results-based, you need to show big results. It's crazy to think that it's enough to fund promising evidence. Promising evidence is even more subjective. More hyperbole is not what we need.

We need to fund the process first. Then people, then results.

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