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I'm quite new to Steve Pavlina writings. So I've checked with Wikipedia to get an idea on his claims.

He already got college credits from high school and studying at Berkeley, this important detail is nowhere found in the article.

I've also found that most of the advice sounds great but is hard to impossible to apply.

He appears to be exceptionally clever but a term paper on math and engineering problems are not written with a 12h marathon on the weekend, at least not on my university.

Can anyone recommend serious advice?

Check out my buddy Scott H Young's site (ScottHYoung dot com) for some serious, and tested, study hacking.

He's currently doing a year-long experiment where he's attempting to complete a 4-year MIT Computer Science course in 12 months.

Oh, pfft. I looked him up and he doesn't even go to MIT. Anyone can cover the freely available material in a year if they did nothing else. However their level of retention would be ridiculously low. Testing would prove this but self study conveniently lacks this.

Actually, he's taking full MIT exams to test himself.

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