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Why would the customer be satisfied if the 1mW plant is only outputting 470kW?

I'll believe it when I see it.

"1MW" is the proper case.

"1mw" would at least convey you are consistently irreverent of the proper case, or using an impractical onscreen keyboard, or in a rush to type this post. (We would understand.)

"1mW" on the other hand makes you look uneducated. Inconsistently inconsistent. You care about the case sometimes, but not always. You have no excuse to write it this way.

Maybe they're measuring milliWatts :D

Or maybe flog is using the IT convention of using lower case for numbers based on powers of ten and upper case for powers of two? If so, it's out of place.

You could have just said this: "M for mega, m for milli."

They could always claim half capacity was a trial.

The real question is how much power was put into it, for how long, to get 470kwh out of it, for how long.

Surely the real question is some kind of battery or unreplenishible chemical reaction happening that makes it appear that it's self-sustaining?

A half day test seems optimistic at best!

But damn it'd be good if this is real.

When you look at this video, to me it does look like a bunch of masked batteries hooked in serial and parallel.


But I have no idea what a rack of cold-fusion devices would actually look like in reality.

>But damn it'd be good if this is real.

It will give rise to another war, I'm quite sure.

The report was that the customer wanted to see it run over a period of hours sustained and relatively stable, rather than pushing it to the max rated.

from what I understand, the customer is taking this complete unit with them, having purchased it, and were satisfied enough to say, (guessing here) "ok, we want to take it home and really drive it ourselves".

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