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on Oct 28, 2011 | hide | past | favorite

Whining about 'the law' being unfair, simultaneously whining about how others aren't following 'the law' hard enough. It seems like Aaron is suffering from that all too common delusion of thinking 'laws' are formal foundations for a perfect world, rather than a mere reactionary element that stamps down activities that TPTB don't like.

This is one of many character assassination posts by this guy in an effort to promote his own startup.

Not the best marketing strategy, folks.

What does the last part of the URL


Anyway, his writing has an...interesting tone. He calls Ben Mezrich "a terrible writer (who also can't spell)," he has put a lot of effort into his About page (which reads like a autobiographical FAQ), and he tries to advertise his book on the front page of his startup. [0]

I respect the battle he's going through with the state of California over FaceCash, but there's zero reason to be so mean-spirited.

[0] https://www.facecash.com/index.html?source=thinklink.com

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