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W T F ?

"Actually happened: an interviewer displayed a picture of himself not wearing pants."

How many people even have a picture of themselves without pants on at their fingertips, ready to display at a moment's notice?

Presumably they had this prepared knowing a woman was coming to interview. I would have gone directly to the police over this incident.

I too wondered why police or some other legal mechanism wasn't involved. That's what they're there for, and it doesn't get much blatant than this.

I guess it could devolve in to a he said / she said of "well, she told me to bring nude pictures of myself". Maybe that'd fly?

Personally, I might put a picture of myself not wearing pants (in boxers, of course) in something if I were making a joke about a relaxed work environment, that kind of thing. It would be pretty damn inappropriate to just say "Hey look at this" to a female interviewee, of course... it's all about context.

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