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Very True. It's nice to think that we can't be all bad, and so, many men make excuses to pretend we aren't part of the problem. The idea of "all 99% of guys need to ... help with this problem," is also true, but most lack the fortitude to ever bother. When you add conflicting profit motives into the mix, taking a stand can actually be bad business.

Personally, I've black listed companies for using booth babes at shows in Vegas. I care more about how equally and fairly they present themselves in public, than I care about the bottom line of my company or if their products could benefit my company. --Some say that I "take things too seriously," but of course, I disagree and I refuse to change.

Being "the dude" who takes a stand on such things has undesired side effects, but sadly, there is even worse reputation damage of being known as the female who "complains" about sexual harassment.

Also, your location is a bit notorious. Visiting Chicago from the Valley in the late 80's was a shock for me, both the sexism and the racism. It was my first trip east of the west coast.

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