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Couldn't agree less.

Projects like this are analogous to F1 cars. I'll never drive one but they demonstrate the bleeding edge of automotive technology. Much of this technology trickles down to production cars that I will drive.

Projects like this show the potential of CSS. Tho I will likely never create a logo out of CSS, the techniques displayed here will likely trickle down into more mainstream applications of CSS that I will use.

That's a false analogy though. To keep with your automobile theme, this is more like taking a car, and using it as a boat.

Instead, we should throw support behind something that is designed to be a boat. In this case, for example, SVG would fill the role of rendering logos much better.

My point is, I'm not sure how much of this bleeding edge demonstration will be able to trickle down into the real use case of CSS, which is in web page presentation, not drawing pictures.

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