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Geekli.st gets $600k to build a place for geeks to get noticed. (techcrunch.com)
27 points by techwraith on Oct 27, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

If this company can pull it off, it'll have something far more substantive than a resume or profile on LinkedIn. As an art, software engineering lends itself to opinions and kudos from the community. As a science, software engineering lends itself to measurable outcomes and approximations of difficulty and impact. I'd much rather look for talent through Geekli.st than through Monster, Craigslist, or LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: I know the founders and am crossing my fingers for their success.

Sounds similar to Honestpage.com, where you can share things you want to be remembered for in life.

Well deserved! Good to see a solid idea get funded..

Geekli.st is awesome! Congratz!

Sounds like a win!

Very nice :)

Great news!


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