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It's also completely and totally useless

Not really.

A CSS logo would be useful for performance issues and overall page rendering speed. A CSS animated logo, such as the Atari example, even moreso than a Flash / JS counterpart. CSS renders more quickly than images, and definitely more quickly than embedded Flash.

That's cutting a pretty broad swath there; CSS does not necessarily render more quickly than images--especially on low-end devices. For example, things like drop shadows are incredibly slow to draw in CSS on low-end devices whereas downloading and rendering a properly compressed 1kb png is significantly faster.

It also depends heavily on the complexity of the logo and the painting implications. To say simply that "CSS will be more performant" is categorically incorrect.

CSS is the wrong tool for the job. Your example would be better served (and easier to maintain) with SVG or Canvas.

or in some cases: data uris.

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