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No, playing fun with the system itself could be useful in unexpected ways. Like esoteric programming languages (leads to the serious exploration of unconventional computation models), code golfing and obfuscated codes (helps shaping the knowledge of a particular language and often leads to the clever way to tackle problems), demoscenes (you know where the Spore came from) and hacking (with the original meaning).

As long as you are aware of doing something unconventional, it is fine to keep these sports. If he/she did put these logos in production then I'll object though.

I completely agree with you. The act of exploration is a beautiful thing. However, my statement was based on the fact this technique has been done before. This area has been explored. While this site is executed very well, in my eyes, it doesn't offer (or attempt to, seemingly) anything I have yet to see. That was my only real point.

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