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>> I can hear the arguments now, "but it shows off the power of CSS!"

I think it's naive to assume that this is not meaningful or useful.

It will certainly open creative doors in enough developers' brains to lead to innovations on other projects.

Not to mention serve as a portfolio to get the authors more business.

To me that's not useless.

Eh, maybe. This site doesn't really offer much in the way of educating visitors about the concepts employed. Additionally, anyone who is at this level of CSS already, won't see this site and say, "oh wow, I didn't know that could be done in CSS". It has been done many times before, just in different contexts. Just check any of the site's 'inspiration' links. I'm sure it'll be super useful for the author's portfolio, but why do I care about that?

I think maybe, being a front-end guy, I'm a lot less impressed with it as it's part of my job to keep up on this kind of thing so I've seen it a lot already.

Now if this had been a tool that would generate CSS shapes with sliders/toggles allowing you to manipulate the shapes/logos in place, that would be cool and educational/useful.

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