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Maybe a dumb question from someone who isn't proficient with CSS -- but if you can render these as vector images, can't you autogenerate the CSS for them?

And the reason I even ask is I feel like I could draw all of these logos pretty well with Illustrator, but couldn't just sit down in a text editor and make these logos with CSS.

In theory, yes, in practice I don't know if such converter exists.

But SVG should be a better option anyway (it doesn't work in <IE9, but on the other hand, this probably won't either).

Hmmmm. Maybe there could be a SVG to CSS converter!

It's funny, I love front-end development and I have the exact opposite problem. Trying to design these in Illustrator would be awful. But HTML+CSS, not too hard.

This is especially the case with buttons. Photoshop is confusing, CSS3 less so.

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