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Can you describe what the contraption looks like? Is it pretty much like the Google Car but a tripod on wheels instead?

Woah. Did you happen to look out into the street from the location in that first link you posted? Trippy stuff.

Yeah, that face detection blur kinda fails when it's a crowd of people.

Love the motion blur effect around his body.

I think it's a she in the second link.

I actually wasn't present during the shoot, although I saw her setting up. It seemed like a semi-pro digital still camera on a tripod. Perhaps it was on wheels? I think it was a fisheye lens? It seemed very low tech. I think all the fanciness is with the post-processing to stitch the photos together and correct the perspective.

You can see the tripod legs if you look down on any shot by clicking the "Down" arrow on the white wheel in the upper left of the interior shots. For our shoot, you can also get a pretty good reflected view in the doorway if you "stand" halfway outside then look left.

It appears to be a DSLR, a fisheye lens, and a 360precision Atome panoramic tripod head.

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