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InvestSuite | Senior Python Engineer | Remote (HQ in Belgium) | Full-time | https://investsuite.com/

Stack: Python, FastAPI, Pydandic, Numpy, Pandas, AWS, Docker, MongoDB, ... https://www.investsuite.com/jobs/python-developer

InvestSuite is a fast-growing global B2B embedded wealth (front-to-middleware) InvestTech provider. We help financial institutions realize their digital wealth transformation journey and together create the most delightful investing experiences for their customers. We have 15 nationalities building in "international DNA" and clients on 4 continents. We are a place where bankers, creative designers, imagineers, mathematicians, computer & behavioral scientists meet. We are builders and growers, obsessed with innovation and the construction of exciting products that benefit the clients of our clients. We are excited to work at the crossroads of ‘the markets’, investing, economics, deep science (AI & machine learning), finance, design and the digital world. Can there be anything more challenging?

Interested? maarten.huijsmans@investsuite.com

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