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Show HN: Kippt.com - Bookmarking made simple (kippt.com)
52 points by enra on Oct 25, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

Saving a snapshot of the page you bookmark at the moment you bookmark it is totally awesome. Great work guys.

Kippt guys here. The current way of discovering, storing and reading web content & other information seems very random and scattered. We wanted to create a better way to save, manage, read and share things that are interesting or important for you.

Eg. As a designer, my library of UI screenshots, UX flows and articles are really valuable for me whenever I'm working on something. So having a library and finding new things is important to me.

This is our first attempt on the problem, focusing on bookmarking. We would love your feedback. We're currently working on Delicious importer, developer API and mobile version. If you're interested testing them out, hit us an email hello@kippt.com

-- enra & jorde

Need tagging service please. It will help me group my bookmark.

We started with automatic tagging of bookmarks at http://utopic.me/ but now added folders as well (something we initially removed in design phase). Both have their advantages.

We have been thinking about hashtags together with search but haven't nailed down the decision. What do you think about that?

I am a bookmark heavy user. I have paid evernote account (7212 bookmark) and google bookmark (37852 bookmark) right now.

Here is my story. I used to have delicious account long ago (close to 30000). Because Yahoo shut it down, I have to move. I used a ruby script to auto submit to google bookmark. It took me three days. After that I thought everything will be fine. However, I define tagging a lot, google bookmark can't do heavy sorting (it always crash my browser). Then when I found evernote, I like the way they have app for iPad and Android phone. However, right now they also have tagging sorting problem. Currently I have 7212 bookmark in Evernote, 2341 tags. You can imagine the browser basically freeze to wait for the loading. Tagging/hashtag is very important to me. I rarely use google to do research because I always look back to my tag first.

Thanks! Tags could be nice addition to search or act as a filter. I've always though that tags are hard for grouping things, since you can end up more groups than you have items.

Right now we store the page content so you can do a full text search on title, notes and the content.

The reason I love to use tag is...I can't do "search" for old webpage. Why? It's because I can't remember what sentence or keyword I have to use.

However, if I use tag to group, after a while I still can filter my search by that based on the memory that I might "define what tag I might input for it long ago". For example, my tag will look like "WebDesign-Design-Layout", "Web-Dev-tips", " Web-framework-javascript" "Networking-monitoring-tool" etc. From BIG-To-Narrow. So once the tag start sorting, I could still know which group I will look into.

Human's memory is limited. However, human can remember a paper/article's attribute/catalog which is been defined long ago. I use bookmarking service for so long. My experience is...in the end if people have a huge bookmark contents just like me, filter/tag/hashtag is way faster than search. If people don't define tag, they will just use google search for Webpage content, no need to use bookmarking service.

Knowing how to do the tagging and bookmarking is the key, after that, google search is no need.

One more thing. Let's define kippt.com as an example.

I might bookmark it and tag it as "Web-App-Bookmarking". So after a while if I want to do a comparison on bookmarking service, I can just pull this tag, I can see a list on every bookmarking service. However, if I just do the keyword search, and that I might already forgot "kippt", I will end up probe so many bookmarking related articles which might contain other stuff.

Tagging is just like filtering. It can direct narrow down search list. Tag complexity and various could lead to more accurate contents and its potentially others.

I used a ruby script to auto submit to google bookmark. It took me three days.

Google bookmarks has always been able to import from Delicious. It still works even after the crappy Avos rewrite.

They just did that function after delicious been acquisition. I can guarantee you have no clue on using Google bookmark. When I used bookmarking service, there is no google bookmark exist yet.

Isn't that what lists are for?

why do no bookmarking services leverage collective intelligence to recommend urls/sites you're probably interested in based on your bookmarking history? You could turn a bookmarking site into an intelligent content discovery system

A lot of what we do at http://utopic.me/ is solving exactly this issue, we do a lot of content discovery based on personalisation, tags and followed interests. Go check it out.

RWW also picked up on this http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3155766

Is it possible to parse page content when bookmarking and automatically assign it an appropriate category or pre-populate a few tags? I would find this highly useful, but I don't know how practical it would be to develop.

It just happens that my roommate works with this kind of research things. I'll ask him about it but it might be hard to accurately define tags. Might be useful with adding a extra level of accuracy to search.

See how the auto-tagging works in Utopic bookmarklet/extensions. Hard to get a foolproof ideal result. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not. Semantic and any other tagging or content extraction is still in its early phases.

Bug report: connect with twitter then use your email as your username when the auth redirects and a 500 is thrown.

Thanks, we'll look into this one

Sadly it doesn't play well with Chinese...I've typed in Chinese notes and then all turned into "???".

Would be nice if you made it easier for me to pick the list to save to.

In the web UI or extensions? We tried to simplify the flow and make bookmarking things fast (no need for tags, extra fields). So far it seems that most of the user base is sticking to Chrome extension but we're always looking to improve the experience.

Chrome extension.

Can bookmarks be private?

Yes, at the moment they are all private. We're introducing public features some time in the near future once we get the bare minimum product right.

Awesome, knowing this, I'll definitely give it a try!


what's different from diigo.com?

We're more focused on the bookmarking. I think we both are trying to solve a similar problem but with a different approach.

I feel like scoopinion.com will go into that direction.

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