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Unfortunately it's true. I just heard back from Peter Norvig, who says "He died peacefully in his sleep last night."

Replying to your original reference: http://twitter.com/#!/wendyg/status/128584398642757632

Just to add to that - I've had a message from Wendy saying that McCarthy's daughter had 'phoned her with the news, and Wendy is the ultimate source of the wikipedia edit/entry.

October 2011 is turning out to be one sad month.

We should declare tomorrow November minus 6th...

Bring on November

What sad news. I do hope that Standford makes a statement, just to clarify.

What a sad month

Sad to hear about this. I love LISP and discovered the beauty of it when I was part of Gensysm product team - large scale real time system with AI and NN.

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