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I have donated bone marrow three times. All were during my undergrad years, and the motivation was supporting medical research but also that it paid well (from the perspective of an undergrad).

The donation process was exactly as described in http://www.marrow.org/Registry_Members/Donation/Donation_FAQ... but I was given only local anesthesia. The marrow was withdrawn from one of the two protrusions of my pelvis about 2-3 inches away from my spine (basically the very top of my butt). The process is certainly a strange feeling, but it's tame--not donating a kidney or anything.

It's a good opportunity to practice deep breathing and relaxation while focusing on the wonders of the human body.

> but also that it paid well (from the perspective of an undergrad).

The page you link to clearly says: "Donors never pay for donating, and are never paid to donate."

Is your story missing something?

> Is your story missing something?

Yes, I should have noted that I was donating as a paid research subject and not specifically to a marrow bank or to an individual who needed a transplant.

I commented to explain that the marrow-withdrawal process itself is nothing to be concerned about, actually involving less discomfort than donating blood.

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