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Congrats to Jeff! My firstborn is also Henry, and I have two year old twin girls (Ada and Alice). The most interesting things about twins is how incredibly different they are from each other. They were nurtured in the same way, they share the same sets of genes, but they are wholly and fully their own people from day 1. It is completely fascinating stuff.

Ada and Alice. Might I ask if the inspiration for those two names came from a computer background? (Ada for the first programmer, and Alice for the first Apple computer)

I bet when she gets to school Alice is going to be trying to pass secret notes to Bob.

Just as long as they stay away from that Eve kid, I hear she just wants to know EVERYTHING!

We are on Hacker News.... Indeed, Ada is named for Ada Lovelace, but Alice is named in honor of Lewis Carroll. We like math.

Loved the names

Wasn't the Apple computer called Lisa?

Yes it was, I got it mixed up.


(That's the best infinity symbol I can make.)

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