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The dumbest todo app as a Chrome extension (chrome.google.com)
2 points by brslv 32 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hey, guys!

I just submitted my first ever chrome extension called Axioma. It's a minimalistic, no frills todo app. The main feature is what I like to call at-a-glance UI. Meaning, the app doesn't hide anything from you. All of your todos are neatly organised in boxes (cards, categories, whatever). There's no nested menus, smart categorisations, tagging mechanisms, formatting etc. Axioma is quite dumb, but that's the point. Kinda sick with software trying to be smart about anything, especially about checkboxes. :D

I made it primarily for personal use, but decided it'd be handy for everyone else. It's free, no registration needed, etc. Enjoy! :)

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