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My Visit to TechStars' Demo Day in NYC (mikebloomberg.com)
15 points by mikebloomberg on Oct 24, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Mr. Bloomberg, please continue full speed ahead on technology innovation in New York.

The statement that the day is coming that people will not remember that New York was not the #1 tech hub in the world goes beyond just achieving #1 status. Your belief that New York could outpace Silicon Valley at such a pace demonstrates that you either really don't understand the level to which Silicon Valley is established, or you misspoke.

Techstars coming to your city is the equivalent of five movies being filmed in New York and declaring that Hollywood was soon on the way to being the second city of movies. Cool your ego, and maybe you'll have a shot at establishing yourself as the #2 tech hub a generation from now.

Ummm welcome to HN, Mr. Bloomberg.

Glad to see Mayor Bloomberg's on HN!

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