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Not everyone works in the US - fairly narrow minded view of the world?

This poll was clearly designed to canvas United States cities, even if it wasn't explicitly stated. Is that narrow-minded? I don't think so. If I happened upon a poll on a Russian tech site that mentioned Omsk and Moscow and St. Petersburg, I'd assume it was a national poll. And then I'd move on.

Perhaps it's narrow-minded to assume that a poll on a U.S.-based tech site should by default be global in scope?

Audience defines the scope of the site, not the country where it is hosted.

a U.S.-based tech site

This is a US based tech site? News to me. I thought it was a global site.

"US-based" means located in the US.

Cost of living varies dramatically across the globe as does currency value.

To make it truly a global poll, I suppose he should have asked how units, x, of a mixed basket of local goods, b, could you buy per year worked. xb = only possible correct statement of income.

You come up with b and repost the poll if you so desire.

Perhaps ... how many Big Macs you can buy. :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Mac_Index


Lulziest comment of the year ++

Completely agree. Let's globalise in some data then.

I live in South Korea and work as a programmer. I am making about half what I was making in Australia but I pay 3% in tax, I'm living rent free and my costs are ridiculously low. My disposable income (that is the remaining funds after bills, food, accommodation and other necessities are taken out) is about 2k USD per month (twice what it was in Australia). My costs are low. I know other people here who can live on less than $500/month for rent, food, alcohol, entertainment, the lot. Money isn't really important to me right now because I have no debt, and living and working abroad makes up for lower pay. I'm still quite young so the way I view it is that this is more of a learning experience and I am gaining far more marketable, diverse and useful skills. Learning how other cultures run businesses and do capitalism is a very valuable skill.

I'm sure others have similar anecdotes.

So create your own poll for the region you're interested in.

He didn't say everyone does.

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