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Location is huge. I live in Michigan and make considerably less than friends that live elsewhere. My rent is also almost 1000 dollars cheaper per month.

So if you get something more than a $24'0000 (($1000*12 months)/.55 after tax income) raise to account for the $1k rent difference, would you go for it?

Depends on where you live. I paid $1200 for a studio apt. in A2, and it can go even higher the closer to downtown you live.

Aye, I rent a 3br house in downtown Ypsi (5 miles away for non-locals) for $1000/month.

"Considerable" is unclear, it'd be easy to cover a 1k/mo spread under my definition of "considerable".

The friends that I would say make considerably more than me could cover it easily. I have others who only make a bit more than me but cost of living is more than offsets it.

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