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I've not seen this on my tumblr...

I also have not seen this on my tumblr blog. I've only stumbled across one or two bot-like blogs.

I get them ALL the time. At least 1-2 likes from bots per post.

it depends on what tags I use, iPad is a popular one obviously.

Also, soemtimes I'll see a like of an ancient post with no rhyme to why. I'll agree though that a good percentage of likes / reblogs are spam / bots. They also often have ads on the blog so whoever is running it will get credit when you visit the blog to see who just liked / followed / reblogged you.

#triathlon mostly as its just my blog for talking about triathlon related things.

One friend of mine runs a Tumblr on design, gets over 15,000 pageviews a month. He says that he gets 3 to 10 followers/likes who are spam a day. He blocks all of them to avoid linking his site to websites with plenty of ads or porn. It seems something is going on, it needs to be sorted out immediately.

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