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But the quotes don't really work any more, since ages. Not right, anyway. See I search for `"death coffee"` and I get this:

1st hit: Coffee Drinkers Have Slightly Lower Death Rates, Study Finds

2nd hit: Stieg Larsson's Death: Coffee Or Conspiracy?

The first one doesn't even have the phrase "death coffee" in the page! And in the second one it's split up with a colon in between (technically correct, but not a single phrase).

And only after that, come the expected results, where "death" is a modifier of "coffee" (coffee was so strong we called it "death coffee"), which is what you'd expect when you put a phrase in quotes, no?

Results I'm sure the old Google of a few years back would have presented me as first hits, too.

Addition, reading a bit further down this discussion, someone mentioned the `allintext:` operator. This works, it actually returns only pages with the phrase "death coffee":


Ok Stieg Larsson is still the first hit, but as I said, it's technically correct. And now so are the rest of the results :D

BTW, to whoever made that Finderr.com page: It doesn't work quite correctly, if you search for `"death coffee"` it doubles the quotes. You probably need to re-think your query regex. Maybe you could modify it so that it includes the `allintext:` operator when you search for an exact phrase?

Thanks for the feedback! I fixed the handling of quotes. I'm not currently adding 'allintext:' to the search but I do add &nfpr=1 to the query string, which as far as I can tell from testing should be equivalent or actually cover more cases.

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