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nickmolnar2 912 days ago | link | parent

I'm guessing w/in a few months Google launches a G+ integration with search that lets you reference your contacts in search queries using the + operator.

tristanperry 912 days ago | link

Personally I'm waiting for the "Sorry, you cannot currently search with us as you aren't logged into Google+" message.

(Am obviously joking, but I agree with your sentiment that G+ integration does seem to be... going quickly; I can understand why from a business POV though)


jeffool 912 days ago | link

Quickly, yes. But I can't see why they took out this functionality before they were launching the new functionality.

It seems that this is just inviting ill will for no reason. At least if they did both at the same time, they would be able to say "But we did this other new thing instead! Isn't it neat?!"


mreid 912 days ago | link

I think this is precisely the reason. +Name is already used as a form of reference in Google+ analogously to @handle in Twitter.


Raphael 912 days ago | link

Maybe it's for a minimum number of Google +1 actions.


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