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That's sad, as Google's "smart" broad interpretation of keywords makes it worse and worse for very technical queries.

Quite often I have to prefix every term with +. Quote-based syntax doubles annoyance of this pointless task.


Also, I know from considerable experience that the plus operator had a distinct meaning from the quotes operator so this change definitely implies that Google queries will be less fine-grained no matter what quotes means now.

Yes, Google is worse and worse for anything technical.

Alternatives anyone?

DuckDuckGo, (http://duckduckgo.com/) especially with the !bang syntax.

Not an alternative, but BlindSearch (http://blindsearch.fejus.com/) is interesting.

If you want something more fine-grained, blekko claims to filter results by category. e.g. "select /programming" https://blekko.com/ws/select+/programming will return results for "select" in the "programming" category.

bing, perhaps?

I intend to give it a shot. Seems there's some reasonably powerful query syntax: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff795667.aspx.

My complaint about Bing for technical querying is that when I tell them I want an exact phrase by wrapping it with quotes, it doesn't always believe me that I really do want that phrase to appear in the result page.

Some of those other operators look promising, though. I'll have to try them out.

The "near:" operator looks very useful.


Bing, DDG and Blekko IMO; naturally Bing have the largest index of the 3.

Someone needs to write a Firefox Add-on that automatically quotes your Google search terms (unless you are quoting a phrase).

Here's a Greasemonkey script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/116080

It doesn't work with Google Instant enabled.

May need improvements!

That's ok, you can still use Google code search...oh wait.

+1000 XD

Exactly - the results for most things are fine, but when it comes to searching for some technical topics, I have to look 5 pages further to find something useful (and I'm not even talking about the age of a lot of first page results - that can fortunately be filtered).

For programming questions I lately find myself getting better results with StackOverflow's built in search than with google.

I think it works that way now. Can you find a search where e.g. "selection" returns results for "select" instead?

Google still interprets your words to an extent. The standby test search I use, [["everything wrong" crossfade]], still mutates [[everything]] into [[everything's]].

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