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Finley (YC W21) is hiring fintech software engineers (US remote)
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[Job Posting]

When you pay for a coffee by tapping your credit card, the card and card reader exchange key transaction information and kick off a series of data and compliance checks between your card issuer and the merchant.

For example, the payment processor might want to check that the card is legitimate, that the transaction amount is accurate, and that the transaction has been properly recorded in the card provider's database.

All of these checks happen in a matter of seconds, and they’re enabled by secure standards that enable programmatic data transfer and verification.

But when businesses try to access funds they’ve already been approved for, these same types of checks can take over a week for banks and capital providers to process and execute. That friction--and hold-up in funds--can blindside a business.

It turns out that all the table-stakes aspects of consumer credit--fast transactions, programmatic data checks, and ease of use--are still missing in business credit, even though business credit is a much larger chunk of the economy.

At Finley, we’re building modern software to streamline, secure, and record all the transactions between businesses and their capital providers. Just a year and a half after launching, we're managing over $2 billion in debt capital for innovative companies like Ramp, Even, and Ribbon.

Now, our team is hiring for software developers (US remote) interested in building B2B financial infrastructure. If you're interested in learning more, check out https://www.finleycms.com/careers/ or email your resume to contact@finleycms.com.

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