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The Playwright caught up with Cypress in the number of GitHub stars (star-history.com)
2 points by qa-guy 40 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

We wrote E2E tests with Cypress before Playwright was around and it was awful. The API is weird to the extent that it is basically a DSL based on Javascript. And the tests were flaky because rerenderings could happen between Cypress getting the DOM element and interacting with it. It seems they haven't fixed that one to this day.[0]

The team is also very confident about their approach. They build their own asynchronous concepts that are not interoperable with async/await, openly acknowledge that it is hard to wrap your head around and then dismiss these concerns by asserting that "Asynchronous APIs are here to stay in JavaScript.".[1] The Github issue about the lost DOM elements is also full of answers by a team member intent on writing blog posts that explain what the user is doing wrong rather than fixing the root problem.

I'm really glad that Playwright came around. It is intuitive, pragmatic and has none of the problems above.

[0]: https://github.com/cypress-io/cypress/issues/7306

[1]: https://docs.cypress.io/guides/core-concepts/variables-and-a...

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