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Ask HN: Where's that waitlist for a free G Suite transition?
11 points by psim1 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
My legacy G Suite account has been saying, for two months at least, that there will be a waitlist for transition to a free G Suite alternative. The deadline of June 1 is looming. Where's the waitlist?

amen! Just went looking for this...

I went to https://admin.google.com and tried to find it, finally ended up using the support bot, which after clicking back and forth through the confusing and obfuscated menu choices arrived at this gem...

    If you want the no cost option, you need to join a waiting list in the Google Admin console before June 1, 2022, so your account is not automatically upgraded to Google Workspace.

    **The waiting list is not yet available**. You'll see a message about the waiting list in your Google Admin console in the coming weeks.

    Learn more about the no-cost option here.
When's the waiting list going to open up? 11pm on the 31st?

Good question, still waiting and looking...

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