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MochiMedia: From game developers to building a scalable business (behindtheweb.com)
13 points by mace on Oct 20, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

It's a long interview but it's worth watching. Jameson's an awesome guy and super smart.

It's kind of funny that I ended up crossing paths with him - in my early 20s WWDG was one of a handful of companies every aspiring Flash dev/artist/whatever with a cracked copy of Flash 4 or 5 wanted to be like, in my late 20s I became a Mochi user when I shifted into game development, and then in my (very) early 30s he became an angel in my own startup.

Jameson is a pimp, and Bob is a genius. MochiWeb is an amazing server.

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