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Ask HN: How would you move a hobby WordPress blog to static, hosted on GH Pages?
2 points by freedom_dev 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I've made a couple of blogs for friends that are currently hosted on cheap VPSs, they are both classic Wordpress blogs with a few hundred MBs images. To reduce maintenance and have more speed/uptime/security I wanted to move the workflow to a static blog hosted on Github Pages (assuming you can host hundreds of MBs there, the limit is 1GB afaik). There seem to be so many ways to go about it, so I'm suffering from analysis paralysis: the workflow should be easy enough for my non-dev friends to update posts themselves without botching the blog..

How would you do it? I had a look at Pelican, Hugo and Lektor and I appreciate the "admin panel" in Lektor but I'm not an expert and you might have better ideas

There are various ways to do it. By default github pages support jekyll so on new commits github automatically pushes those changes to your blog/website.

If you plan to go with something like Hugo you'll have to setup a github action which will do the processing for you. Example of such github action can be seen here(https://github.com/mzfr/mzfr.github.io/blob/hugo/.github/wor...)

In order to actually move, the best way is to convert your webpages to makrdown and then just put them in the github repository.

A quite well know blog post about moving from wordpress to static gh-pages is this(https://www.hywel.me/static/site/wordpress/2016/07/17/fast-f...). But I think this might be old so it may or may not work.

Below is the list of few more blogs about this process:

* https://www.logitblog.com/moved-away-from-wordpress-to-githu...

* https://blog.netnerds.net/2020/08/migrating-my-wordpress-sit...

* https://haralduebele.github.io/2021/02/10/Moving-my-Blog-fro...

All of these blogs did it the same way, setup gh-page on github and then from wordpress export your content to markdown.

My suggestion is if you don't have much experience with markdown & github pages then just go with having a simple jeykll blog. And you can choose themes from here(https://jekyllthemes.io/free)

Have you considered moving them on a managed version of WP(something like wordpress.com)? That would be the easiest option for me.

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