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Show HN: I built an app to make it easy for anyone to get paid (paylinkz.app)
8 points by tawrahim 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

It looks to me like you've built a LinkTree but have targeted the links to only be to payment platforms. Is that correct?

The user signs up for paypal, gives a public wallet address for bitcoin, etc and then you're helping them manage a payment screen?

It could work, but what has struck me about LinkTree is that the users are non-technical (I think). Anybody with the desire could easily set-up a webpage and host their own list of links. LinkTree is saving them from doing that, and for somebody who is on insta, youtube, etc, but without their own personal website, LinkTree gives them the ability to quickly send users to their other platforms.

If this is an opportunity in the billing space, good on you, this could work. However, for non-physical goods, Patreon, etc is already providing a billing platform.

If you are selling physical goods, you're probably using Shopify or something similar which already has a billing platform.

So who is the customer who does not have a platform where they are selling their goods, and therefore need a diverse list of payment methods.

I rarely use PayPal because I can't stand the company (I moved a lot internationally for a while, and they would keep blocking me from using their service, massive PITA).

For most people, doesn't PayPal serve the need, and Venmo in the US (not Amerrican, so don't know).

I'm not going to say it's a bad idea. I think it could be very good, but do you know the answers about who your customer is?

author here! I built it selfishly because each time someone comes to my house to do work (cut grass, clean, barber, handy man, etc..) I am always asking the question - "what payment app can I pay you with?" If they have a paylinkz URL I can simply just pick whatever is convenient for me and pay them via it.

I'd also mention that since launching the app, I have see the users span from basketball coaches, non-profits to side hustlers.

You might want to read my full reasoning here https://paylinkz.app/about

That's a great description. It may be good to have something more about the types of use cases you see on the home page, or even a block from your "about" page, which is really great BTW.

I'm finding that clearly describing some of the users it is for can help people understand how they would use something.

Awesome work.

I can't speak to the larger business case, but I'd find this useful for me. I have a number of rental properties and I find our tenants have many different ways of paying, and giving this out instead could save the trouble of having to figure out which payment methods we both have.

Exactly! The average american has more than one payment app on their phone

Have you considered doing payment processing, then the output goes to the users preferred payment method? So say my customer pays with a CC (via stripe or braintree on your end) - you could pass that payment along to PayPal, stripe, crypto, etc.

To me, that would be a useful alternative because all I'll need to do is enter my CC info, or preferably use apple pay which is much faster than me needing to ensure I have paypal, zelle, etc. installed.

I'm probably in the minority here, but I know for older people paying by CC is going to be easier than using an alternative payment processor.

It’s crazy how much of a Wild West payments have gotten lol. Banks exist, but haven’t innovated (possibly due to regulations). Then payment apps, crypto coins, and now an aggregator for payment apps has shown up. I guess the final step in all this will be an app that takes in money from any crypto coin, cash app, or bank, and then sends it to any other person who can receive the coin, cash app, or bank, where the idea is that the aggregating app would only need to be on the sender’s side but not on the receiver’s side.

This is quite cool, definitely see the potential in what this could be for the gig economy!

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