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Starting is easy. Finishing is hard. Finish something at Finish Weekend. (finishweekend.com)
315 points by bryckbost on Oct 20, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 69 comments

I had a similar idea. I called it a launchaton (contrast with hackaton) but thought of it more like a virtual event (I'm not in Sillicon Valley) but never got to really execute it.

not sure if trolling.

why? Is my english that bad?

No, no, you English is fine. However, its highly ironic that you never managed to finish and launch your event. An event who's entire purpose is to help people finish and launch things ...

Ok I got the irony. Sorry. The thing is having ideas is even easier than starting. But having a good idea barely prepares you to execute it. I'm very, very bad at social relationships so it's extra-hard for me to do something that involves motivating a community.

I'm still going to give it a shot though.

its like rain on your wedding day

No, it's not. It's ironic.

The whole point of that song was that everything seemingly ironic was NOT in fact ironic at all. :)

> you English is fine

Speaking of ironies, a sort of reverse-Muphry here?

You failed to launch the project that was going to help people launch projects.

I am assuming an 'h' is missing? launchathon versus hackathon?

What is trolling about that?

Why the downvote? I don't see how the GP's comment could be construed as trolling. Unless I'm missing some innuendo (which if I am doesn't seem very funny).

Someone is trolling you.

Downvotes should have usernames attached, and cost a karma point.

And karma should only be from comments. I don't understand why someone has downvoting power just because they stumbled across and posted a popular story on HN.

Like the guy who submitted the story for Steve Job's death, now has over 1k karma simply from posting a link to apple.com at the right time, and from nothing else. How does that qualify him to downvote over me, who has been thoughtfully posting comments here and there for nearly a year now?

I'm not really that concerned. I don't care about karma, really. I just think it's a very stupid system.

I agree the system is flawed here. I think Stack Exchange solves this problem nicely with their daily 200 point cap. This way it forces you to make a time investment in addition to posting quality content.

A product is never finished, only shipped.

It should be called Ship Weekend

Very true, but then we wouldn't be able to transition to a vacation site for weekend getaways in Finland if things go south…

Sadly, only for people with bad spelling - I think "Finnish" has two N's :-)

Just claim at the last minute that the domain name and all the press releases were spelled by an idiot, and you just noticed his mistake

Well, once you're in Finland, things can pretty much only go south... ;)

Its still a good idea coming from a good place, good luck! And do it in SF Bay Area sometime!

But you could always book cruises!

A painting is never finished, you just stop working on it

Launch weekend. Has the whole rocket trajectory thing going for it.

Launching is still largely a starting point.

Building businesses take years.

This is really cool. I'd suggest, though, that the creators of the site give more info about the venue and the people that'll be there- I live in Chicago, so it would be really easy to head there. I could probably drag a bunch of people with me, but I know they'd want more info.

Totally exciting though, and I like the choice of place.

I signed up since I'm a little closer (A2) but I agree. Most likely the organizers are trying to gauge how much interest there is before committing to a place. You could easily end up with a venue that's too small or too big.

Thanks for the feedback. We'll be sure to get more info regarding the venue and location soon.

If you're in Chicago, come on over!

I would definitely make it to one as well.

This reminds me of "Launch an App Month" last November (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1773398).

Here's the Facebook group that was formed for those who are interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/launchinnov/

I totally love that this is happening in a small midwestern city I've never heard of before and it already has about 100 RSVPs. I'm impressed - and if that sounds condescending it's b/c I've written this poorly. I think it's damn cool.

It seems a lot of smaller towns with local Universities or Colleges have more activity than one might expect. Slashdot came out of Holland, MI while Rob Malda and Jeff Bates were attending Hope College.

Cool idea. Curious, how will it be different than Startup Weekend? How will you concentrate more on the finishing aspect of projects?

Also, love that you're doing this in Holland! Great little town.

Startup weekend encourages new ideas, this focuses more on projects that you had started at some point in time and had just abandoned.

You nailed it! You could consider it a hackfest with an emphasis on finishing something you've been meaning to get around to, just haven't had the time.

I imagine this would attract a lot better audience than Startup Weekend, because it implies that you actually were able to get something started on your own.

I think this is a great concept. I've half-started at least a dozen projects that never made it off localhost. I want to finish some of the better ones if only to stick them up on Github and a Hostgator account as a living portfolio.

How do we get in touch to sponsor? Or feel free to get in touch. jsheehan@twilio.com

I'll be getting in touch shortly.

It should be called Launch Weekend, and if it was in San Francisco I'd be there.

Anyone up for organizing one out here in the Bay Area for the same weekend (or the near future, if Nov. 12th is too last minute)?

I have an iPhone app I've been trying to finish for a while now, but real life keeps getting in the way. This would be the perfect final push to get it over the goal line.

I would like to put something together but I'm not sure I've got the resources to pull it off myself. If anyone else can help, please contact me -- my email address is in my profile.

I can host one of these in LA the same weekend if people are interested. Email's in profile.

It would be nice to have an online version somehow. Maybe a HN thread or start a reddit?

Wish this was closer to me (SF). Nice to see Twitter bootstrap in use!

I had to double check to see it was Bootstrap, looks great.

The signup button gives it away...

Cool! Maybe we can get something like this is Austin. Love the idea of focusing on launching and getting it out there. Too many of my projects die in my head and half way through.

Looks like on the "people" page, someone was attempting to see if the Register input is sanitized? There is one name which appears to include some scripting..?

Looks cool but who is going to do the work? Is this advice only? Are attendants expected to work on each other's project?

I love this idea; I hope to see it spread to other locales as well. Anyone for a Finish Weekend Portland?

I'd love to see one of these in NYC. I'd be keen to help organize it too, if anyone else is interested.

+1 NYC

I'm in Eugene, I would love to see one of these in Portland.

+1 for Portland, definitely.

Phoenix area, anyone?

Great idea. Hope you share how it turns out. Now I'd like to do something similar in Atlanta...

Great idea! I'm going to be with you mentally but do the work at home, Europe.

That's why you should start from the finish line and move backwards.

I love the idea! But no project is ever finished - only abandoned.

Yeah, maybe you can finish load testing your server. (Sorry.)

Wow, this is right in my area. I'm definitely going!

Great idea. Wish I was still in Ann Arbor.

Likewise :/

Nice use of Twitter's Bootstrap :)

Hyvää Suomi viikonloppuna.

Haha, Awesome. This is great, we need one in SF now.

This is great, I have a couple of projects that would need a push. I get bored when things evolve into something that requires knowledge areas that 1)I do not master and 2) have no proper/comprehensive docs I can resource to.

Hope the idea catches on, would sure love to see something like this in europe.

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