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Show HN: I Built a Task Board for Makers (7todos.com)
1 point by gobienan 44 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
As crazy as it sounds, I really created my own task board because no one worked for me. There is just a huge gap between Jira (which is a mess) and something like Todoist (which is too simple).

So I build 7todos for myself. A task board to fill the gap. And over time a lot of people have joined and love it as well. One of my favorite feedback

"In my opinion, it does that better than all the other more comprehensive tools like DoneDone, Easynote, or Anywhere. Other tools may have more features or focus on teamwork, but when I work with them, I consistently feel like they slow me down. Not so with 7todos."

The kind of feedback you love to hear, especially as an indie maker

7todos aims to help you to get an overview of all workspaces and all your tasks across projects, and maybe it can also help you :)

Looks pretty nice. Not sure I would try it out without a free tier.

Is your "Beyond" pricing correct at 3.49/Year? Perhaps you meant month.

Good catch! I got it twisted around.

I always struggle with a free tier. Most people never upgrade but some still need customer support. As an indie dev this takes too much time :/

That’s why I offer 7 day money back guarantee at the moment.

Any idea how I can bridge the gap?

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