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Show HN: Screenleap for Websites – Add live meetings to your site without coding (screenleap.com)
8 points by ttruong 43 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Hi HN!

Founder of Screenleap here.

At Screenleap, we’ve been providing quick-and-easy screen sharing and online meetings since we launched as a Show HN on Hacker News 10 years ago! https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3539792

Today we’re excited to share what we’ve been building:

Screenleap for Websites allows you to easily add our installation-free screen sharing and online meetings functionality to your website by adding a snippet of code. To configure your integration, you simply toggle some settings on the Screenleap site - no programming is required. It’s like adding a chat widget to your website, but instead of live chat, you get Google Meet-like functionality integrated right into your website.

Once you have added the code snippet and configured your integration, you can enable all sorts of new interactions with your users directly from your website. For example, you can 1) provide your customers with the ability to jump into richer real-time support experiences with screen sharing, live video, audio, and chat, 2) allow your users to video chat with each other live, 3) funnel website prospects into live sales demos and conversations and automatically redirect them to a lead-generation form afterwards, 4) host online classes directly from your own website, and more.

You can try out a demo integration here: https://www.screenleap.com/integration/demo

The demo integration requires you to manually send a link to the users you want to interact with, but if you sign up for your own integration, you’ll also have the option to 1) have all the users at a specific URL automatically join your session or 2) select which users you want to join your session.

This looks fantastic for customer support!

Yes! We will be publishing an article soon on how to use it alongside your existing support chat widget (ZenDesk, Intercom, LiveAgent, etc.) to view your customers' screens, so you can troubleshoot and resolve their issues more quickly--all from your website.

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