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Ugh. Why don't they release the presos as opposed to having to deal with synchronous video?

I empathize, but at the same time, 5 min. of slide browsing would not drive the point home. People are trying to skimp when they should invest the time. Relax, reserve yourself an hour and enjoy the talk. This is a good one, and getting signals through sound, visual and text will leave a better imprint in our brains.

If you mean just the slides, most of them are in this github repo: https://github.com/strangeloop/2011-slides

For some reason, these slides are only available in a flash widget that's synchronized with the video. Here's a little script to grab the flash and build a PDF for yourself.

ImageMagick and swftools required.

  for s in {1..39}; do wget http://www.infoq.com/resource/presentations/Simple-Made-Easy/en/slides/$s.swf; done
  for swf in *.swf; do swfrender $swf -o $swf.png && rm $swf; done
  convert `ls *.png -x1 | sort -n | xargs echo` slides.pdf
  rm -f *.swf.png
[Edit: required packages]

I agree with "teach a man to fish ...", but you know, some people are far away from the sea (linux) so just providing them with the fish (pdf) is also a good option.

This is in no way Linux specific - most likely OSX can do it, and with enough time cygwin too. Probably BSD's and others...


That was Easy! (pun intended)

Great talk by Rich Hickey, and thanks for the script.

Awesome! Thx!

This was done at Rich's request. I've asked whether we can release them now that the video is available.

Any chance of releasing the videos somewhere that doesn't require Flash?

I watched it fine on my iPad, it should be viewable in an HTML5-mp4 capable browser I guess.

Sure enough, if I fake my User-Agent as an iPad, I get a <video> tag referencing a .mp4, which I can then download and watch. Now if only infoq would provide a "download" link pointing to the same .mp4.

No, sorry.

This is my number one gripe about infoq. I love skimming slides to see if it's worth investing an hour in watching a talk.

I have no interest in seeing slides, I want video.

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