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Hey hackers,

I built this tool over a couple of weekends, it helps so you don't have to open a new tab just to get a tiny piece of additional information.

Let me explain. If you're reading an article and it mentions "jason calacanis" you can just highlight his name and search using this tool to get a summary of the guy without you leaving the page. It works well for notable persons/companies and even terms like "blockchain". It's basically similar info to what you'll find in a Google knowledge panel.

I have added support for twitter links, so you can have a small twitter popup similar to the one on the twitter website when you hover over a twitter handle. Instagram doesn't make this easy so I've put that in the backseat for now(not priority).

Some things I'm trying to figure out: - cases i must include (e.g summarising finacial data for $TSLA/$APPL/etc, dictionary terms(?)) - Legal web scraping or workarounds that won't get me in trouble - Best sources of public information (currently using search engine data which doesn't work at all on unpopular companies/people) - even if you won't use this specific product for whatever reason, what would your ideal use case be?

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